Thankyou so much it worked a treat!!! Much kudos for selling the key so cheaply :) Many blessings - Michael - VIC


I activated over the phone and speaking with someone who verified the activation code and no problems.

I would be happy to have further dealings with your company. I must say that I did have concerns when nothing seemed to work but very happy now. This is the first 2010 Office product I have used. If it goes OK, I may upgrade the 2007 that have been using on other computers.

Once again, thanks for following through with me.


Andrew - VIC

Thanks, That's so quick. - Thushara - VIC

Hi Josh

Hope you are going well. I bought a MS-office profession from you last year.

I am very happy with the purchase and recommending you to my circle of friends.

Nova - VIC

We trust that this page will continue to grow as the word gets out that we focus on the customer and their needs!!

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